Golf resort

A luxury Spanish golf resort will be demolished after 14 years of legal battle

After a 14-year legal battle, Spain’s highest court has ruled that a luxury golf resort should be destroyed as it sits in a protected natural area, according to a CNN travel report.

The Marina Isla de Valdecanas development, which includes a golf course, a four-star hotel, 185 villas and an artificial beach, was built on La Isla de Valdecanas, an island located in western Spain, approximately 100 miles west of Madrid. A second hotel and hundreds of other villas were to be added to the site before the final decision.

The environmental campaign group, Ecologistas en Accion, began the litigation 14 years ago, contesting that the development was on protected land and argued that it should be returned to its natural state.

In July 2020, a court in Extremadura ruled against the environmental group on economic grounds, with the cost of the demolition alone estimated at almost $39 million, while compensation for the owners amounted to at $126.7 million.

With the regional government footing the bill, it was added that only facilities under construction would be destroyed, and as long as no environmental damage was caused, the station could continue to operate.

However, a Supreme Court has now overturned the original verdict and ordered the site to be demolished. Reacting to the news, Ecologistas en Accion welcomed the latest decision, saying a “dangerous precedent” regarding illegally constructed buildings had been avoided.

The president of the regional government of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernandez Vara, has declared his intention to file an appeal with the Spanish Constitutional Court in an attempt to save the development from its fate.