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Akwa Ibom signs new management contract for state golf resort

The Akwa Ibom State Government has signed a new management contract with Icon Hotels & Resorts Nigeria Limited, operator of the Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort.

According to the state, the new agreement, which will cover a period of 15 years, aims to “reposition leisure equipment for efficient and profitable service delivery”.

In his remarks, Udeme Ufot, Chairman of the Board, Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort, described the move as a significant development since the resort was established in 2007 by administration Victor Attah.

“Our main asset was not going as we wanted, and this kind of concern must necessarily lead to some actions. So, in October 2020, the Akwa Ibom State Government took the bold step of handing over this hotel , as part of a Memorandum of Understanding for a 12-month trial to Icon Hotels & Resorts Nigeria Limited to show us what they could do to turn around this state’s main asset,” he said. he declares.

“It has been quite a journey, and the 12 months given to them to show their skills has been executed, and we have reason to believe that from what we have seen there is clear evidence, even d After guest feedback there are improvements in this facility.

“Therefore, the State Government has decided to take the next step in our plans for this hotel through Icon Hotels & Resorts Nigeria Limited, which is why we have come together today to sign this management contract at long term in order to bring our great asset to that level that would make the Akwa Ibom people proud.

Speaking on the deal, Akparawa Inyangeyen, the governor’s chief of staff, said the state made the decision in the interest of Akwa Ibom’s development.

“The process that began on October 2, 2020 culminated today in the signing of this 15-year long-term management service agreement, where the hotel has now become Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort, managed by the group Icon,” he said.

“Ownership remains with the state, but the government has given carte blanche to the group to run this hotel for our collective good.”

For his part, Oman Esin, Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, expressed his optimism about the positive results of the new agreement.

“Thanks to this agreement, we have seen a facility that was very tired, but now wears a new look and carries new innovations. We are very impressed with the level of administrative structure that has now been put in place to manage the operations of this hotel,” said Esin.

Adetope Kayode, Managing Director of Icon Hotels & Resorts Nigeria Limited, said his company remains committed to promoting excellence at the resort.

“The trip was amazing. Thank you for the opportunity given to the Icon Hotels group and the trust placed in my organization to lead the transformation of this great resource of the Akwa Ibom people,” he said.

Also present at the event held Thursday at Mbo Meeting Room, Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort in Uyo were Uko Udom, Attorney General of Akwa Ibom; and Okon Okon, chairman of the state’s Internal Revenue Service.