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Cape Breton Golf Resort Targets Nova Scotia Families

DUNDEE, NS — The grass may not always be greener on the other side, but it usually is on a golf course.

Just ask Sonny Grewal, owner of the Dundee Resort and Golf Club which overlooks the westernmost waters of Cape Breton’s world famous Bras d’Or Lake. Despite heading into a second season under the heavy weight of the COVID-19 pandemic, Grewal maintains a sunny disposition.

“I’m very optimistic and very confident that we can move forward and have a successful year,” said Grewal, who bought the 18-hole golf course and resort in 2017.

“We went through that last year and now it’s no different. In fact we only opened late May last year and this year we will be open earlier. Hopefully the Atlantic bubble will be open by July and people from New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island will also be able to come to Nova Scotia.

Unless even stricter public health restrictions are implemented, it appears that golf courses, considered among the safest sites for outdoor activities given their natural social distancing, will continue to open across the province.

Dundee’s popular 18-hole golf course is just part of what the western Cape Breton Island resort has to offer visitors. In an effort to attract more families, the resort has upgraded its main lodge, chalets and clubhouse. It also calls on a new partner to manage its catering activities. CONTRIBUTE – David Jala

Weather permitting, Dundee plans to open on Monday. The hilly course is popular, but a prolonged extension of travel restrictions would likely mean stiffer competition between courses for dwindling numbers of golfers seeking tee times.

Grewal knows this and continues to diversify its resort to appeal to more than just golfers. He leaves for the family experience.

“It’s nothing new – we’ve been doing renovations since we bought the resort four years ago,” he said, adding that the upgrades include a new look to the main lodge, chalets and the clubhouse.


“We are known to be a family resort, so we are focused on increasing business for our customers. We have purchased a pontoon boat for our guests to have a boating experience on the lake and we have added more paddle boats and canoes and are considering a play area for the kids.

But the biggest change at Dundee this season will be its catering operation. Grewal has partnered with Halifax-based Scanway Catering Inc., which will support the resort’s restaurants and food services.

The Dundee Resort and Golf Club's 18-hole championship course is perched on rolling terrain that offers many spectacular views of the West Bay portion of Bras d'Or Lake.  DAVID JALA/CAPE BRETON POST - David Jala
The Dundee Resort and Golf Club’s 18-hole championship course is perched on rolling terrain that offers many spectacular views of the West Bay portion of Bras d’Or Lake. DAVID JALA/CAPE BRETON POST – David Jala

Ankur Gupta, Scanway’s vice president of business development, said the 40-year-old business his family bought in 2017 is a perfect fit for the golf and leisure resort.

“This is an exciting partnership for us to contribute to great memories at a resort destination, from weddings to vacations and more,” Gupta said.

Dundee marketing consultant Elaine Fitzgerald Muise said the partnership with Scanway will allow Grewal and his team to focus more on other aspects of the station’s operations, many of which are aimed at families.

“For now, we’re targeting the Halifax Regional Municipality and mainland Nova Scotia, but as things change, we’ll expand our geographic targeting to places like Prince Edward Island. “, she said.

“And families have always been a big part of Dundee. We call it “the family playground of Cape Breton”. There’s a championship course, great accommodations, outdoor activities, kids activity programs, and the Bras d’Or Lake right there.”

Dundee Resort is located 34 kilometers from Canso Causeway, 116 km from Sydney, 267 km from Halifax Airport, 297 km from downtown Halifax and 305 km from the boundary between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.