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Heading to a golf resort? Here are 4 keys to maximizing your experience

These tips will help you maximize your golf experience at a resort.

Courtesy of Costa Palmas

You want a warm winter getaway with your family, but you also want to play golf. (We don’t expect this to require much of your imagination.) Good news! With the right planning and the right attitude, you can have it all. Costa Palmas, a hip new Cabo resort on the East Cape of the Baja Peninsula, is at the center of a new vacation golf movement pushing fun and accessible golf.

So how do you maximize the fun and minimize the headaches? We have some ideas.

1. Take your steps

Many resort-style courses are built for carts, which is good and good – they have cup holders, after all. But, if you’re on vacation at the beach, chances are your morning round will be the best exercise of the day. Try to walk, if you can.

2. Aim for the goal

If you’re golfing on vacation, you’re probably golfing on a brand new course. Your stroke play score might suffer, but rule that out. Throw a friendly game, shoot some pins and shoot some shots you’ll remember later.

3. Come equipped

While the Costa Palmas course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. prides itself on its playability, many other resort-style courses are particularly penalizing. Rocks and water lurk everywhere. You might want to bring a few extra balls. (In the pro shop, they’re twice what you’d pay at home.)

4. Remember the beach

In this space, we will never tell you something as stupid as “don’t get frustrated”. But we suggest that after allowing yourself a moment of frustration, quickly move on. There is another blow to strike, after all. There’s a bigger beach to get to, where chairs and drinks come with umbrellas and there are no bogeys in sight.

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