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! Murcia Today – El Valle Vision will be the best golf resort in Spain

Publication date: 05/11/2021

From ‘ghost town’ to family golf paradise, here’s how El Valle in Murcia is reborn and why now is the time to buy

El Valle Golf Resort was once the jewel in Murcia’s crown, with 369 villas and 319 apartments built around a world-class golf course which hosted the European Senior Tour Open 2011. It also has a club- house, a restaurant and a supermarket. Properties in the resort of El Valle were almost completely sold off plan in the heyday of 2005 when the resort was first built, but the financial crisis then hit Spain in 2008.

Polaris World Resort developments were forced to divest assets to debt relief banks, downtown construction promised to the resort was stalled and sales failed in El Valle.

Now they’re back, and there are some real bargains to be had.

Property for sale in El Valle Golf Resort

El Valle's vision to be the BEST golf resort in Spain

Whereas previously, off-plan villas were initially sold at a value of over half a million euros for the smallest type of villa called ‘Alcor’, and the larger villas called ‘Algabas’ and ‘Adargas » had prices ranging from 800,000 to 1.7 million euros, property prices are now much more affordable on the El Valle Golf Resort.

Alcor villas in El Valle now cost just 300,000 euros, and larger, more luxurious villas are priced very affordably around 600,000 euros. Apartments, too, have come down in price – houses that cost a quarter of a million euros 15 years ago can now be had for just 100,000 euros.

El Valle Golf Resort aims to be the best in Spain

El Valle's vision to be the BEST golf resort in SpainEl Valle is pushing to rebuild, renew and revise El Valle to make it the best golf resort in Spain. El Valle would like to return to Polaris’ original vision of a fully serviced resort with community-run golf course and clubhouse, for the benefit of the community, as opposed to individual assets managed by private companies whose only interest is to maximize profit.

With this in mind, El Valle has:

  • developed an app in conjunction with Selected Group (, allowing residents to easily report any daily issues that arise on the station simply by uploading a photo, as well as offering discounts at multiple outlets across the station, and much more;
  • set up regular online communication sessions to make it easier for their overseas owners to keep up to date with station developments and share feedback;
  • set up a group of energetic parents to bring activities to the resort for children to enjoy;
  • is committed to constantly trying to find new ways to allow owners to have a say in the management of El Valle and its assets, for the benefit of the whole community.

El Valle has grown from the general description of a “ghost town” only a few years ago to a vibrant community with many young families choosing to relocate and enjoy the peace and quiet offered in a beautiful and constantly improvement.

What future for the El Valle station?

El Valle is working tirelessly to consider all opportunities to take the golf resort forward and make it the premier resort in Spain.

This is done by getting input and help from owners, to ensure it is a collaborative process managed by and for the people who live there. Many owners come together to share the heavy workload required to achieve this vision.

As part of owners’ requests, El Valle will continue to seek every opportunity to become more environmentally friendly. They are already ahead of many other golf courses in Spain when it comes to environmental awareness. Water consumption at El Valle Golf Course has increased from a cost of €139,000 in 2017 to around €80,000 in 2021, while options for using alternative clean fuels are currently being explored. study.