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Snowshoe at Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort

SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Thursday’s low temperatures didn’t deter those eager to hike in the snow.

“To be able to continue to go out and be one with nature is just amazing,” said Daniela Hosier, co-owner, Naturfi.

A new outdoor company has partnered with Shawnee Inn and Golf Resor to bring the sport of snowshoeing to the Poconos.

“Snowshoeing is like walking, it’s a little more intense because you’re walking on snow. You actually burn double the calories as you would walking, but if you could walk, you could snowshoe,” Hosier said.

Hosier and Ashleigh Snyder are co-owners of Naturfi, a company that brings the racket to you.
The couple discovered the sport while trying to find something to do in the area other than skiing.

“We couldn’t find anything to do in the Poconos near here, so we ended up going an hour and 20 minutes, they only had two rackets, so we couldn’t all do it, and we loved it, we fell in love with it, so we thought we wanted to bring it to the Poconos,” Snyder explained.

Three beginner snowshoe trails are offered at the Shawnee Inn. Owners say they have kids as young as four trying out the new sport.

“I love being able to explore trails that you wouldn’t normally be able to hike in the winter. You can access properties, you don’t get stuck in the snow,” Hosier said.

Snowshoeing is now available at the Shawnee Inn on Thursdays and Saturdays.

If you would like to try cold sport at Shawnee Inn, click here.