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Villa 19 at Palmares Ocean Living & Golf Resort is a home like no other

This one-of-a-kind Villa 19 designed by Catalan studio RCR Arquitectes is a luxury home with golf and sea views. landscapes,

There’s a reason it’s one of eight luxury villas at the property called Signature Villas. It stands out from the others for its size. It has four bathrooms and bedrooms, a large private swimming pool and a large garden. Not to mention the sea and golf views mentioned above.

Villa 19 has nine terraces with the first three housed with the kitchen, dining room and living room on the first floor. A bedroom on the first level opens onto three other terraces. Meanwhile, the remaining three terraces connect to three bedrooms upstairs. On the surface, the villa features a unique construction consisting mainly of overlapping red-colored concrete planes. The walls are angular instead of curved and the rooms spread out in relation to each other. The use of natural hues for interior furnishings such as wood and concrete creates a beautiful harmony with the natural colors of the topography.

At night, the structure shines and stands out with its immense beauty. Rafael Aranda, one of the three co-founders of RCR Arquitectes, described the villas in the complex “not as objects implanted in the environment, but as spaces integrated into the topography, framing the landscape”.

Thus, the unique structure of Villa 19 and the meticulously thought out color palette that forms a “unique relationship with the natural environment outside”. He invokes the “feeling of privilege in this exceptional setting”. It’s a feeling that runs through every home, connecting people to the place in a very special way.

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Images courtesy of Palmares Living