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Amazon Prime Day Live: Great Golf Deals



Not only are there amazing deals on Pro V1 (opens in a new tab) and TaylorMade RBZ Softballs (opens in a new tab), but Callaway is also in the game with the Hex Soft’s! You can get up to 38% off the ball at Amazon UK and up to 33% in the US.

Our editor Michael Harris tested this ball (opens in a new tab) quite recently and it got four stars out of five, a very good score for such an inexpensive golf ball. (opens in a new tab) It is billed as a distance ball and although it performed well there, it was also very pleased with the smooth feel it offered. Overall, this is a ball that offers good all-around performance and excellent durability as well.


After seeing all these deals on Amazon Prime Day (opens in a new tab) I think golf can be made much more affordable. How? Well, jumping on offers to fill your bag slots or configure your equipment is a start, but our American writer Chris Wallace has discussed 15 other simple ways to make golf more affordable. (opens in a new tab) in a recent room. Playing outside of peak hours and using quality golf balls are two of my personal favorite tips from Chris.


Our very own Joel Tadman is a huge proponent of practicing with headphones, so much so that he just wrote an article alongside Ed Carruthers on 5 reasons why you should start practicing with headphones. (opens in a new tab). In the article, they discuss factors like increased focus and increased motivation as two clear benefits, and the pair have also included a number of great headphone deals from Amazon Prime Day. (Like the Beats offer below…)


We never see great deals on the best golf balls (opens in a new tab) really on the market, but that’s not the case this year. On Amazon right now you can get 20% off Titleist Pro V1 balls (opens in a new tab) in white and yellow. Yes, you read that right, the ball used by professionals!

If you’re a Titleist fan or a high-end golf ball user, I can’t stress enough how rare this offer is and how quickly it could sell out as well.


Golf tech is regularly offered during Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday and this year is no exception. Two of the best golf watch deals I’ve spotted are the Garmin Approach S12 (opens in a new tab)and GolfBuddy Aim W11 (opens in a new tab).

The S12 is currently 42% off, which is incredible value for a Garmin. It has 40,000 courses preloaded on it, has great usability, it looks great in all three colors, and we found it to be very versatile too.

(Image credit: Tom Miles)

The Aim W11 also made our guide to the best golf watches (opens in a new tab). It also has 40,000 preloaded courses and has other features including a color touchscreen, as well as green wave and grade-adjusted distance readings. In our testing, we also felt it worked well too because it’s a really nice watch.


(Image credit: future)


My co-worker just told me he happened to be at the Old Course media center in St. Andrews and I’m very jealous of him. Not from his hangover because it’s apparently a bad hangover.

Luckily I’ll be riding Thursday morning in what should be one of the best golf weeks ever! Anyway, back to Amazon Prime Day (opens in a new tab)


Golf speakers are becoming more and more popular at the moment and one of our absolute favorites is the Wingman from Bushnell (opens in a new tab). The feature that sets the Wingman apart from the competition is its GPS function which provides accurate distances around the golf course. A small, detachable remote is easily carried in your pocket and – with the press of a button – the speaker will tell you the front, back and middle distances to the green you are about to approach. It also features Bushnell’s Bite technology which allows the device to be magnetically attached to any suitable surface.

As you can see, we really liked this product during testing, and we think you will too, especially with the 15% offer this Prime Day. (opens in a new tab).

Save big on the Bushnell Wingman GPS Bluetooth Speaker

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I just noticed the PRGR Launch Monitor (opens in a new tab) is available now for £185.99. That’s a 15 per cent discount from its usual RRP of £218 and given how well this monitor has been tested for us, it’s an absolute steal. It earned a five-star review from Dan Parker as it is a truly impressive device that makes owning a launch monitor much more accessible for many golfers. The accuracy was impressive considering the price, it’s ultra-portable, and the device gives you data on swing speed, ball speed, carry distance, total distance, and smash factor. For Dan, it was just the right amount – not too much to overwhelm and not so little that it was useless.

PRGR Portable Launch Monitor

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1. Use a free trial to buy the Prime Day sale

If you think about it, Prime members are spending £7.99 a month to shop the Prime Day sale. The idea of ​​paying to buy a sale is a little strange, but considering the incredible prices on offer every year, it’s a small price to pay. However, if you’re a new Prime user, sign up for Prime before Prime Day and you’ll be able to purchase the sale for free with the one-month free trial.

2. Buy with an Amazon gift card

If you have a Amazon Gift Card (opens in a new tab) that you haven’t used yet, why not use it in the Prime Day sale? In the past, Amazon has also allowed people to “top up” gift cards as an additional way to save money, but we’ve yet to confirm if this service will be available during the 2022 sale.

3. Shop small businesses to earn up to £5,000

For Prime Day, Amazon regularly promotes small businesses and start-ups by offering rewards when people buy them on sale. This year, Amazon is offering shoppers up to £5,000 when they buy from qualifying small businesses. For every £1 spent, you earn an additional entry into the competition (which you’ll need to enter) and you’ll have the chance to win £5,000 worth of Amazon gift cards.


One of the first things we should tell you is how to view these offers. Well, to do this you need an Amazon Prime membership and the good thing is that if you haven’t had one before, you can actually get a free trial. Amazon is offering all new customers a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime for all new customers. After that, you’ll be charged £7.99 per month or £79 per year, but you can cancel your Prime account at any time during the trial and you won’t be charged.


Not to be outdone, the UK version of Amazon’s website also has some great deals.


Hello everyone and I hope you are excited not only for the Open Championship this week but also for Prime Day because getting a bargain and saving a few $$$ is huge especially with the cost of living crisis right now . I went to Amazon US first and these are my three favorite deals so far!

Sam Tremlett will pitch you today and he woke up very early and spotted several offers worthy of your attention. He’s been a long-time golf equipment enthusiast, and with Golf Monthly’s big push into testing and reviewing content over the past two years, he’s gotten his hands on plenty of products. As a result, we think he’s in a good position to let you know what’s a good deal, what’s a good product, and where you should steer clear.