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Best Public and Private Courses in Colorado

Looking for a chance to play two highly rated private golf courses without paying an initiation fee and annual membership fee? Colorado might be your shot, as Wolcott’s Red Sky Golf Club is mostly a private club that allows resort guests to play its two courses on a rotating basis.

Red Sky’s Tom Fazio and Greg Norman courses are both among the top five courses in Colorado on Golfweek’s Best Courses You Can Play list for public courses in every state. Want to see how the rest of the state’s public courses are doing? Continue scrolling.

Golfweek’s Best offers numerous lists of course rankings, with the list of the best public-access courses in each state among the most popular. All of the courses on this list allow public access in one way or another, whether it’s standard daily green fees, through a resort, or by staying at an affiliated hotel. If there is a will, there is a starting time.

Also popular are the Top Golfweek rankings of the best private courses in each state, and that list is also included below.

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(m): Modern course, built in 1960 or later
(c): classic course, built before 1960
Note: If there is a number in parentheses with the m or c, it indicates where this course ranks among Golfweek’s top 200 modern or classic courses.

The hundreds of members of Golfweek’s Best Review Panel continually evaluate courses and rate them against 10 criteria on a point basis from 1 to 10. They also deposit a unique overall rating on each course. These overall scores are averaged to produce these rankings.