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Golf Courses Play During Pandemic With Commercial Bump Entertainment, Media and Sports

British Columbia’s largest golf courses continued to grow significantly in the second year of the pandemic as they more than doubled in activity from the previous year, according to data collected on the BIV’s list of the province’s busiest public golf courses.

Over the past year, the average number of rounds played increased by 14.3% to 62,963 in 2021 from 55,094 in 2020. This compares favorably to the 6.5% growth recorded in 2021 compared to in 51,711 rounds played in 2019.

The median number of rounds played closely tracked the average, suggesting that golf courses of all sizes are experiencing similar levels of growth.

The No. 6 Langara Golf Course recorded the second highest year-over-year growth on the list. His number of rounds played in 2021 jumped 52.8% to 75,736 from 49,563 in 2020. The increase in business pushed Langara up eight places in the roster rankings from 14th the previous year . Radium Springs course #19 saw the biggest year-on-year increase: up 68% to 42,000 rounds played in 2021, from 25,000 in 2020.

The top five have also all seen significant growth over the past five years.

Northview Golf & Country Club No. 2 saw the strongest five-year growth in the top five: 58.8% to 85,084 games played in 2021 from 53,565 in 2017.

The course with the lowest five-year growth in the top five, No. 4 Riverway Golf Course and Driving Range, grew its games played to 81,665 in 2021 from 59,750 in 2017 or 36.7%.

Only three courses on the list have suffered a drop in rounds played over the past year, including No. 1 Swaneset Bay Resort & Country Club, where its rounds played fell 17.4% to 95,000 in 2021 compared to 115,000 in 2020. •