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How To Find The Best Online Golf Deals And Which To Avoid | Golf equipment: clubs, balls, bags

With seemingly endless options for clubs, outdoor gear, training aids, sun protection and clothing, buying golf equipment online can seem like a quagmire to compete with water hazards. the most difficult. But, just as navigating a tricky hole can be made more manageable with a few simple steps and considerations, so can shopping online. And with Amazon Prime Day on the horizon (this year the sales event is July 12-13), now is the time to prepare and hone your online golf skills.
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Know what to buy online
Let’s go ahead and eliminate the bigger question: what exactly is worth buying online in the world of golf?

Any basics you know how to use that don’t require adjustments or measurements are great for taking advantage of online sales like Amazon Prime Day. Things to buy online include evergreen protective gear like sunscreen or bucket hats that you can never have too much of, as well as low-cost course accessories (and therefore less of a stake for the order online) such as t-shirts or hydrating drinks.
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Try larger in-store purchases first
There is no hard and fast rule against buying larger, more personal golf equipment, like bags or clubs, online. The important thing is that you take into account all the considerations that you would normally think of if you were in a store being prompted and facilitated by an expert or installer. To that end, you don’t want to buy your new set of clubs online without trying them out first, no matter how sweet this sale is. This does not mean, however, that all is lost. Call your local pro shop or sports equipment store and see if they’re running the same sale, or if they have the gear you want (or something comparable) on hand for you to purchase. quickly take away.
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And if the sale really is too good to resist, for riskier purchases (expensive tech, high-end rainwear, clubs, etc.), don’t jinx it, but make sure they’re easily returnable.

Research in advance
Likewise, the best way to take advantage of an event like Amazon Prime Day is to plan ahead. Stop by a few pro shops or equipment stores and try out whatever interests you. These can be golf shoes, clothing, clubs, bags or balls. This reconnaissance trip is not only fun, it also serves as market research. Just taking note of what’s available in stores will help you gauge what you want online.
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Set alerts or create wishlists to track prices
Add items to your basket or to a wishlist to follow in order to be ready on the big day.

Remember that not all brands are on Amazon or in professional stores
If you don’t see exactly what you want in stores or on conglomerate sites like Amazon, try looking for smaller golf brands that sell fewer niche products, usually from their own sites. Chances are they will make similar deals to keep up with the competitive market.

If you’re shopping during the Amazon Prime Day event, you can filter the results to find small businesses or shopping businesses by region. Amazon uses a storefront icon to identify small business brands, which include stores that employ fewer than 100 people and have less than $50 million in annual revenue.

Beware of “fake” offers
And while you are already looking for products, note the presale prices. Some offers are not really all that they claim to be. For example, a product may see its price increase before the sale, then return to a standard price and qualify as a “sale”.

Another pro tip: You can download apps that help consumers analyze price drops, like Honey, directly on your computer.

Buy strategically
Don’t forget to check sale prices sideways as well, meaning you shouldn’t assume the price you’re seeing is the best offer – cross-reference using trusted sports quotes or the website of the Mark.

If you’re looking for Amazon Prime Day, plenty of other companies will also be making sales to compete with the online giant.

Think about what you will actually use
We can all fall prey to online marketing, probably in more ways than we realize. And when that shirt we thought would make us feel like a golf magazine model arrives and our game isn’t wiser, it can be disheartening. One way to avoid this classic online golf buyer’s dilemma is to constantly consider what you will actually be using. For example, if you are looking for the perfect training aid, will you really use this Doppler data? Or will a good old-fashioned mirror do just fine? Likewise, if you’re looking for clothes, don’t be afraid to stock up on the basics. You can’t have too many classic fit navy polo shirts (or whatever makes you feel and play great).

Remember to search for what you need, not just what you want
Buying at 3 a.m. is totally one thing. Save those middle of the night moments for the polo shirt with the crazy print or the neon glowing golf balls. Use these sale events to get products you don’t always think of, like bug spray, divot repair tools, golf towels, electrolyte powders, and more.

(But also, who are we kidding, throw in that funky floral polo too!)

Buy with your values
Finally, it can seem overwhelming to buy golf equipment online. There are so many options, in so many different colors and textures. Where to start? Start by making a list (mental or otherwise!) of your values. Is sustainability important to you? What about quality or brand awareness? Want everything to be Made in the USA? Are you looking for items that no one else will have? Or are quality and high ratings your most important buying factor? Putting your priorities in line, much like in golf, will help you make split-second decisions and narrow down your options when you’re torn between so many good ones.

Have fun!
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