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Ibom Icon Hotel and Golf Resort is upgrading its facilities – New Telegraph

Management at Ibom Icon Hotel and Golf Resort, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, has promised to add value to the guest experience by upgrading its facilities and services, noting that with the renovation project, the hotel will consolidate itself as a destination of choice for hospitality. The development was revealed by the chairman of the hotel board, Udeme Ufot, as he welcomed the visiting team from the National Assembly Committee on Commerce, Industry, Culture and Tourism. tourism, who recently visited the hotel.

To achieve this dream, Ufot sought support from the state government, which owns the hotel, stating that; “It would be difficult to achieve results without the support of the state government because during the takeover there is a great need for renovation of the facility. According to him, a hotel of the size and class of Ibom Icon Hotels and Golf Resort typically attracts high traffic, which ultimately results in wear and tear on its facilities. He revealed that the renovation of the model room has been completed, while the complete renovation will begin with the aim of having a complete turnaround of the entire hotel.

The Chairman and CEO of the management company, Mr. Adetope Kayode, while guiding the committee on the tour of the facilities, explained that the new innovation that the hotel management is working towards will, when completed, refresh the hotel and present it as a new welcoming and leisure alcove. . In his comment, committee chairman Kufreabasi Edidem commended the hotel staff and management for raising the standard of hospitality facilities and making it a profitable business. Edidem, who represents the Itu State Constituency, expressed the legislator’s satisfaction with the management (Icon Hotel Group Africa) for their professionalism in running the establishment and for the priority given to the good – to be staff. “Icon has done wonderfully well, not keeping the standard but raising it,” he said.

He recalled that for 12 years, the state government’s hospitality establishment failed to pay any dividends despite its five-star stature, due to poor management. This, he said, prompted the state government to seek proven professionals and experts to run the hotel in reaction to the outcome of the committee’s report after its first visit. However, given the current state of the hotel, he noted that the current managers have managed to reverse the ugly trend and are now making payments into state coffers. “It is recorded that before this committee carried out this monitoring visit (in 2019 before the takeover of Icon Hotel Group Africa), this hotel was a huge investment by the Akwa Ibom State Government. ”For 12 years prior to the time of our visit, it paid no dividends to the Akwa Ibom State government.

It was a drainpipe to the state government at best, but a beautiful gate that welcomed visitors and defined the Akwa Ibom people to all who visited. To the glory of God, after this monitoring visit (from 2020 after Icon Hotel Group took over management responsibilities), remittances started coming in,” Eidem revealed. With 15 years of innovative and superior service in the Nigerian hospitality industry, the resort continues to attract high octane travelers and events, including conferences and sporting events internationally.


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