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Indian Canyons Golf Resort Hires New General Manager

Where does your love of golf come from?

I discovered the game of golf during my junior year of high school and played it while playing baseball. I loved the fact that I was in control of what I could or couldn’t do in golf. Everything you get from golf, you earn, and that was very appealing.

Can you identify a specific moment in your life that may have served as a catalyst for your career?

When I got hit in the head three times in my last baseball game! I decided golf was safer. I loved it and was good at it, and it just seemed like a good fit.

Tell us about a typical day in your shoes.

What’s cool about my position is that there is no typical day in the world of golf. One day it’s the food and drink aspect, the next minute it’s check-out times, then the guests. We start with a daily plan, but it usually goes out the window around 10 a.m. In my opinion, my position is to ensure the quality of the facilities and the team. With that in mind, I speak to everyone from the team to guests to Tribal Administration Plaza (TAP) officials and everyone in between. Our goal is to improve our establishment daily and to be recognized as one of the best establishments in this field.

How do you plan to differentiate the Indian Canyons Golf Resort (ICGR) experience for players?

We have plans for the season that will set us apart from our competitors, but for now we will ensure that our hospitality and service is the best it can be. Finding ways to say yes instead of no, going the extra mile for everyone here, making sure we’re doing the right thing every time for every guest.

From an actor’s perspective, what makes the ICGR unique?

The south course is short and friendly, and the north course is longer and more challenging. It is unique to find these differences in an installation.

What do you like most about your role?

I enjoy leading the team, talking to our customers and working to make this resort the best golf experience for our golfers.

This article appears in the Spring/Summer 2022 issue of Me Yah Whae, a publication of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. To view the digital edition, click on HERE.

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