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A file photo for illustrative purposes only of a Tagg-N-Go employee spraying a truck as it enters the car wash, St. George, Utah, May 27, 2021 | Photo by Mori Kessler, St. George News

IVINS — With little debate or public comment, the amendments unanimously approved by Ivins City Council on Thursday effectively banned the construction of new golf courses and automated car washes.

Update May 12, 2:30 p.m. Updated with comments from the co-owner of Tagg-N-Go.

In a file photo, Red Mountain can be seen through the windows of the Ivins City Hall Council Chamber, as Santa Clara City Councilman Jarett Waite makes a presentation to the City Council of Ivins, Ivins, Utah, February 17, 2022 | Photo by Chris Reed, St. George News

The new Table of Uses, which serves to indicate what type of development or land use is permitted in each zoning district, has been amended to specify that car washes where “the vehicle is pulled through a washing and drying with large, noisy end-of-the-line dryers is not permitted in the town of Ivins.

Currently, Ivins owns several businesses that provide hand wash and detail service for vehicles, but no automated car washes. The closest, a Tagg-N-Go Express Car Wash, is on Pioneer Parkway in nearby Santa Clara.

In a statement to St. George News, Tagg-N-Go co-owner Quinn Allgood said he was disappointed with the decision.

“I understand that most people think there are too many car washes in Washington, but the fact is that banning any type of business is a problem. We should always be pro-business and looking for ways to work with the companies instead of banning the companies,” Allgood said. solutions.As someone who has lived here all my life, I have seen the growth and witnessed the ups and downs.However, the way Ivins has handled this is very disturbing and concerning.

The 4-0 vote, in the absence of council member Mike Scott, was mostly discussed at the council meeting last meeting April 21. The changes were open for public comment at Thursday’s meeting, but no members of the public came forward to talk about them.

The Table of Uses also removed golf courses entirely as a permitted use in the city.

The change does not affect existing golf courses or those under construction, including the 18-hole course under construction as part of the Black Desert Resort, which is more than 70% complete.

Although the board did not mention the water conversation before voting on Thursday, it was debated during the move discussion at the April 21 meeting with Scott mentioning that Southern Utah has ” too many car washes” and council member Lance Anderson saying a car wash ban may be going too far as many automatic car washes have water recirculation systems .

Allgood said car washes do not cause a water deficit.

“Water is a problem and professional car washes are doing their part to save water. Blaming it on one or two different industries is an insult,” Allgood said. “Car washes are not the problem and we have made tremendous strides within our industry to take care of our precious resources.”

Budget provisionally approved

Also at Thursday’s meeting at Ivins City Hall, council tentatively approved the city’s fiscal year 2023 budget, which projects revenues of $10,103,746 and expenses of $10,103,746. .

In a file photo, council member Lance Anderson is seen during the Ivins City Council meeting, Ivins, Utah, March 24, 2022 | Photo by Chris Reed, St. George News

The move opens the budget to a public hearing, likely at the next council meeting on May 19.

The budget, which is visible hereincludes $3.4 million for the improvement and widening of Old Dixie Freeway 91 in the city, as well as $335,000 for a new street sweeper, $300,000 for a new public works yard, 150 $000 for the expansion of the city cemetery and $175,000 for the ongoing renovation of the old Ivins City Hall as the new headquarters of the Santa Clara-Ivins Police Department.

City leaders and council members used the timing of budget approval to note that the city’s growth is what allows the budget to be $2 million higher than last year without an increase. property taxes.

“Does growth create value? When I moved here there were dirt roads and when it rained water ran down the roads,” said council member Lance Anderson. “So with growth comes improvement.”

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