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Michigan Top 10 Public Golf Courses: Stonebridge Has Great Conditions

Editor’s Note: This is the third entry on Free Press’s Top 10 Public Golf Courses in Metro Detroit for 2022. Check back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the latest courses in our countdown .

Cards on the table.

If it wasn’t for Kim and Doug Mervis, the Free Press’s 10 Best Public Golf Courses in the Detroit metro for 2022 might not have happened.

But the Mervises are the epitome of dedicated and diligent course owners who not only champion their own business, but also care about the welfare of the game. That’s only part of the reason why their course, Stonebridge Golf Club in Ann Arbor, ranks 8th in this year’s rankings.

The main reason for Stonebridge’s place on the list is the excellent condition of the Arthur’s Hills course that presents some challenge but mostly serves as a simple test that never frustrates a player and always keeps the traffic moving. It’s probably no coincidence that half of the holes that aren’t par-3s are dogleg straights, which complete the trajectory of most amateur tee shots.

This is called knowing your customer.

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The 14th hole at Stonebridge Golf Club in Ann Arbor.

Earlier this spring, Stonebridge more than doubled its maintenance budget and rebuilt several bridges and cart paths. And like one of my favorite amenities, the course continues to have GPS-equipped electric carts that help keep the pace of the game on track and offer crucial distance information so you don’t have to check your golf watch or break out the rangefinder.

This is called keeping your customer.

Although the course culminates at 6,932 meters, there are no very long holes. The longest hole is 534 meters. The longest par-3 is the 218-yard 16th, which offers plenty of room to miss.

But length plays a part in the toughest hole on the course. The lucky 471-yard par-4 13th hole is the #2 handicap that will almost always require long shots to get to the green. But there are no tripping hazards on the way to this green, which, as one of the deepest on the course, will help keep that long-iron or long-shot approach. wood on the putting surface.

The Legacy is a fitting tribute to Arthur Hills and one of Michigan’s best golf values ]

The 13th green at Stonebridge Golf Club in Ann Arbor.

In addition to all that Stonebridge offers, it is simply a magnificent course. The many flower beds and shrubs, the wooden bridges, the streams and the ponds sometimes give more the impression of a walk in a natural sanctuary than of a golf course. If you’re lucky, you might even see swans hanging out in the large pond on the 17th fairway.

Yes, it’s tucked away in a nice housing estate, which makes it feel more like a country club than a secluded vacation spot. But then what? People have houses and sometimes they walk around their backyards. Be friendly, wave and continue your game. The swans are waiting.

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