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Ponoka Area Golf Courses Await Great Seasons – Ponoka News

By Sam Donnelly

For Ponoka news

Golf courses in the Ponoka area are seeing a great turnout as the golf season kicks off in Alberta. The Ponoka Golf Club and Wolf Creek Golf Resort opened in early April.

The Ponoka Golf Club opened on April 25. According to Ponoka Golf Course Chief Professional Ryan Moore, business has been good when the weather permits.

He said the course has held up very well over the winter, with the green expected to be beautiful as soon as the indecisive Alberta weather enters summer.

According to Moore, the 18-hole course has seen a boom during the pandemic with longtime golfers and newbies hitting the course.

“People are chomping at the bit,” Moore said.

Memberships show that both long-time golfers and newcomers have returned for the new season. He said his hope for the season is that both groups of golfers will stick with the sport and keep playing.

The 3 Par Extravaganza fundraising event will take place at the Ponoka Golf Course on June 10 with 200 golfers participating on the course to benefit the Wolf Creek Youth Foundation, the Rising Sun Clubhouse and the Ponoka Golf Club.

As of April 28, all 200 openings for golfers have been filled, but the Ponoka Golf Club is still looking for volunteers to help with the event. Moore said they needed about 60 volunteers.

Moore added that those interested in swing dancing lessons should pay attention to Ponoka Golf Club’s social media for updates.

The Wolf Creek Golf Resort had its own early spring opening problems, with snow and rain making it more difficult to open.

Ryan Vold, owner of Wolf Creek, said the late start was tough, but acknowledged fluctuating weather is something we all have to deal with in this part of Alberta.

Despite the weather, attendance at the golf course was excellent.

“People are flocking to golf like crazy,” Vold said, adding that he expects to have a great year.

Wolf Creek has two 18-hole golf courses. The first course has opened and the second will open later in May.

According to Vold, Wolf Creek will host some provincial and national events this season, including the All Nations Cup, a tournament for golfers of First Nations ancestry, in the last week of July.

There is also a Mother’s Day brunch on the course starting at 8:30 a.m. on May 8.

More information about Wolf Creek Golf Resort and future events can be found on their social media channels.