Golf resort

Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples Receives 2022 AI Dream Designs Honor | International Aquatic Magazine

photo: Martin Aquatic Design and Engineering

Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples

Architect: cooper carry
Landscape architect: LandDesign
Aquatic Designer: Martin Aquatic Design and Engineering
Manufacturer: PCL construction
Building management: The Hardy Group

Pleasure meets luxury

This particular golf resort doesn’t have direct ocean access, so its owners decided to turn an existing pool into a full water park to make it an even more appealing final destination, even for those who don’t play. at golf.

The team recognized that holidays now tend to include the extended family more, so they set about designing a water park with something for every generation. The answer was this waterscape with a lazy river measuring 630 feet, a waterslide tower, an adult pool, and a kids wet activity tower. The river meanders around the Waterslide Tower, which has three 30-foot-tall waterslides – two body slides going to the exits and a single-person tube slide that drops visitors into a splash pool. This is the first lazy river and raft slide in the Ritz-Carlton chain.

The adult pool, measuring 1,600 square feet, is designed for lounging, with six private cabanas for rent and plenty of room for lounge chairs. The children’s play pool features a zero-depth entry and a multi-level play structure with multiple jets, including water cannons, rain showers and toddler slides. This body of water, less than 1 foot deep, has been equipped with a UV disinfection system for added safety.

While the water park needed a diverse set of offerings for all ages and life stages, it needed a single goal in its aesthetic – to blend in with the luxury brand image. and quality of the hotel chain. To achieve this, the team started by tightly controlling the scale of the slides so they could look sophisticated and stylish while still being fun. They then chose a color palette of cool blues and pure white to add a clean, modern element to the hotel’s vibe.

To help stay on budget while delivering full impact, the team used advanced simulation technology called computational fluid dynamics modeling. This determined the exact number and location of propellant pumps for the lazy river, ensuring that it would receive enough water flow without waste.


Control systems: BECS Technology
Filtration: Evoca Water Technologies
Radiators: Lochinvar
Interactive water games/slides: West White Water
Lighting: Pentair
Pumps : Marlow Pumps, Current Systems Inc.
Tracks: SR Smith
Security: Recreational
Disinfection systems: ETS UV Technology