Golf courses

The 50 best golf courses in New Zealand 2020/21

Overall, our 47-person jury submitted 573 scores for 118 different courses across the country. They visit and rate the courses on seven criteria:

Shooting values ​​(score out of 20): To what extent do the holes present a variety of risks and rewards and also test length, accuracy and finesse?

Resistance to score (out of 10): How difficult, while remaining fair, is the course for a scratch player from the back tees?

Variety of design (out of 10): What is the variety of holes in different lengths, configurations, hazard locations, green shapes and green outlines?

Memorability (out of 10): To what extent do the design features provide individuality to each hole while providing collective continuity across all 18?

Aesthetics (out of 10): To what extent do the scenic values ​​of the course add to the enjoyment of a game?

Packaging (out of 10): How firm, fast and rolling were the fairways, how firm but receptive were the greens and how true was the rolling of putts on the day you played the course?

Atmosphere (out of 10): To what extent does the general ambiance and atmosphere of the course reflect or respect the traditional values ​​of the game?

To arrive at a course’s final score, we total its averages across all seven categories, doubling the shot values ​​to create a score out of 80.

For their time and input, we thank our National Jury: Brett Allan, Scott Ball, Ginny Bolderston, Steve Brent, Bob Brereton, Geoff Burns, Ian Charlton, Terry Cochrane, Dan Crook, Paul Dunn, Ray Ellis, Michael Goldstein, Ryan Green, Carl Hadler, Nicholas Healy, Tolan Henderson, Raymond Hinton, Macaulay Howell, Chris Hunt, Andrew Jackson, Regan Johnston, Ray Jones, Erik Jorgensen, Loren Justins, Devon Kay, Steve Keipert, William Leipnik, Kerry Manderson, Regan McCaffery, Richard Middleton, John Murcott, William Owen, James Pearson, Gerald Ponsford, Mike Reid, Tim Richards, David Ross, Tim Ross, Philip Sheehan, Andrew Sloane, Jonathan Smith, Mike Smith, Tom Starr, Mike Wharepouri, Anaru White, Adam Williams and Michael Williams.