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Try Your Luck at These 8 Mini Golf Courses in New York and Pennsylvania

Forgive me if I give you too many things to do during the summer season., It seems like I thought of things to do while we have great weather for outdoor activities. After all, summer is the best season, right? Well, that’s for me, and the more fun I can enjoy outside, the better.

Summer is full of things to do like attending an outdoor concert, sporting event, festival, fair, carnival, golfing, swimming, hiking, camping or maybe just a walk night in the neighborhood. Our summers are short, so I like to cram in as much outdoor fun as possible, and maybe you will too.


But there is one outdoor summer activity that I haven’t done in a long time. Mini golf. There was a time when I was on a mini-golf course at least every two weeks with friends or family for fun, and maybe a little competition. I confess that I play to win, but winning does not always happen as often as I would like.

Whenever I’m out of town on vacation, I usually spend time checking out the mini golf courses in the area. Some are quite elaborate, especially at resorts. But, you don’t have to leave the South End, Midtown New York, and Northeast Pennsylvania areas to find great spots for mini golf.

So where can you spend a fun afternoon or evening of mini golf in the Binghamton area or within easy driving distance? I checked out Yelp! for a list that has been reviewed and recommended. Check them out below and enjoy!

Mini-golf course

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